THAI TAN INTERGROUP COMPANY LIMITED was established with a significant purpose of producing egg tofu in a can under the name of DAUGHTER BRAND. The company has high experience in the manufacturing of egg tofu for more than 40 years, using our know how improved advance technology in production to ensure that the product meet quality health and hygiene for consumer.

The container is coated with the special organic laminated (BPA free) which is the cause of cancer. We guarantee that our egg tofu "Daughter brand" is 100% chemical free with the production of high technology, high quality and using a good quality of raw material to follow to the good standard. We provided test full verities of egg tofu in cans such as Stir Fried Egg Tofu with Thai basil and Stir Fried egg tofu with mixed vegetable. The food will last in the tin for 2 years at the room temperature.

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