To bring innovation of canned food in healthy and quality food to meet the international standard by developing the manufacturing technology to promote the healthy food world wide.
In the year of 1968, Mrs. Heang Sae Tang had a chance to go to Japan and saw the Egg tofu in the plastic tube. After that she brought the machine from Japan to produce the egg tofu in the plastic tube by using the same technology as Japan. She put the name of egg tofu as "HYGINIC EGG TOFU" or "EGG TOFU BY NURSE BRAND".

Therefore, Mrs. Supontip Nithianantporn, the oldest daughter of Mrs. Heang Sae Tang wanted to launch a new product for international consumer that doesn't have time for cooking and to promote the consumer healthy food in the same time. She forms the research team to make full test verities of egg tofu in cans to create the new product for ready to eat food.
We are promoting healthy food for consumer by creating verities of vegetarian food to stimulate consumer perception. For the future we are trying to develop the manufacturing technology for creating verities of products effectiveness for both inbound and outbound markets.

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